Watch: A 2-Year-Old Girl In Afif Has Miraculously Survived After Falling From The Fourth Floor


You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of the small town of Afif that’s located about 5 hours to the west of Riyadh, as it never makes it to the news. But a recent incident in the town has made a lot of people Googling where Afif is. Here’s what went down:
A two-year-old girl, Retal Al-Murshid, in Afif took a fall from the fourth floor of a building and somehow managed to survive. Talk about defying the odds!

Retal, along with her sister and her mother, were in a room on the fourth floor with some other ladies from the building. Then, by accident, Retal’s sister opens a window, and whoosh—little Retal falls from it.

The fall has been captured on a CCTV camera. Viewer discretion is advised!

According to local media, Retals’ father, Mouti Al Murshid, was out in Riyadh at the time when he got a call from the building’s security guard with the shocking news.

He rushed back to Afif as fast as he could, and it turns out that Retal is alive and well.


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