Watch: A Family Is Rescued By The Locals After Getting Trapped In The Floodwaters Of Wadi Lajab


Wadi Lajab is one of the most breathtaking sites in the country, and so naturally, it does get a lot of tourists. A family’s quick camping outing in the scenic locale turned haywire when floodwaters started streaming in.

The car was almost submerged in water when two heroes, Hassan Jaber Al Salami and Abdullah Yahya Al Salami, risked their lives to save the family.

They braved the dangerous floodwaters, pulled them to safety, and waited until help arrived from local citizens and civil defence teams.

They even managed to pull out the car that was caught in the floods! Give ’em some capes.

The rains wreaked havoc on the infrastructure in the region, as witnessed by the toppling of electricity poles into the raging waters.


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