Watch: A Man Saves The Live Of A Young Girl Who Was Left In The Car By Her Mom


A close call in Tabuk has been caught on a surveillance cam! A young hero named Fahd Al Balawi just saved the day (and maybe a little girl’s life!).

Security cameras caught the whole thing: a mom steps out of her car with a toddler in her arms, leaving it running for a quick dash into a shop. .

The problem here was that her little daughter was in the car. After a little while, the car starts rolling backwards, straight towards a busy road!

That’s when Fahd springs into action! He jumps out of his own car, reaches the runaway car, and manages to open the door, bringing the car to a halt. Luckily, there were no other cars cruising down the street at the time.

Fahd, the ultimate hero, gets her out safe and sound. Social media is already buzzing with praise for this real-life superhero! They haven’t been that kind to the mom, though.


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