Watch: A Saudi Family Reunites With Their ‘Son’ 40 Years After He Left For America


A video has raked in millions of views and shows a man reuniting with his family after 40 years. Here’s the backstory of that viral video:

Eid was born to a Saudi father and an American mother. His parents decided to part ways, and Eid and his brother grew up with their mom in America. Their contact with their Saudi relatives slowly faded over time.

Tragedy struck twice for Eid—first losing his mom and then his brother. All alone, the connection to his Saudi roots seemed lost forever.

But here’s where things get heartwarming: Eid’s determined uncle wouldn’t give up. He reached out to the Saudi embassy in Washington, determined to find his nephews. It wasn’t easy, but his persistence paid off—they found Eid!

There was a bittersweet twist, though. Eid’s brother had died a while back. They called upon Eid as there was still family waiting for him back in Saudi Arabia. Many of them spoke English, which was great because Eid wasn’t quite fluent in Arabic yet.

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The reunion itself? It was captured on video, and it’s pure magic. Tears, laughter, and relief are all around. Eid was seen dressed in a thobe, shimagh, and bisht for a major party that the family threw in his honour later.


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