Watch: Saudi Arabia Is Testing Its First Hydrogen-Powered Trains In Riyadh


Saudi Arabia is trying out hydrogen-powered trains in Riyadh, making it the first in the Middle East. They kicked off the tests last month, teaming up with the French team at Alstom to tailor this rail service to our weather. The goal is to align with Saudi Vision 2030 by finding cleaner fuel options, especially in transportation.

According to a report in the Gulf News, Ashraf Al Jabri, Saudi Arabia Railways planning director, said that these tests dive deep into making things run smoothly.

They’re learning from other countries’ hydrail adventures and tweaking technicalities with manufacturers to be fit for Saudi.

This hydrogen-powered train is all about zero-carbon emissions, eco-friendliness, and being a game-changer in sustainable rail travel. No exact date for the service has been announced yet.


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