World’s Smallest Pacemaker Saves Chinese Pilgrim’s Life In Makkah

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is here to make sure all its patients get the most top-notch technology to ease their symptoms, and Makkah’s King Abdullah Medical City did exactly that. A 69-year-old Chinese pilgrim got a miraculous second chance at life after receiving the world’s smallest and most advanced wireless pacemaker at Makkah’s King Abdullah Medical City!

The patient was facing severe dizziness due to heart arrhythmia

The medical team chose to implant the tiny, 2.8-gram capsule-like pacemaker, a marvel of modern technology that eliminates the need for traditional surgery, sparing the patient from any chest incisions or scars. The Makkah Health Cluster announced, “The procedure was completed successfully, and the patient is now under close observation in the cardiac intensive care unit.” They added that the patient is in good health and recovering well.

This incredible achievement showcases King Abdullah Medical City’s dedication to offering the latest and most advanced technologies free of charge to pilgrims, ensuring top-tier medical care for all. 

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