WWE Superstars Taught Saudi Kids How To Cope With Bullying And It Is Just Heartwarming

Hera Shabbir

Titus O’Neil, Natalya, Drew McIntyre and many more WWE superstars showed 60 students in Jeddah how to cope with bullying in their “Be A Star” campaign


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Dar Al-Fikr students in Jeddah were all surprised by these wrestlers, with a voice familiar to all WWE fans, of Mike Rome, the official WWE ring announcer.
The list of wrestlers included  Titus O’Neil, Natalya, Drew McIntyre, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Nikki A.S.H, and Riddle. The team had divided the 60 students into three groups, with 2 wrestlers on each team

Team members all introduced themselves and named something they enjoyed while throwing a ball of yarn to each other, ending the conversation with each student having a string in hand, connecting all students together

Arab News 

The WWE stars also personally shared their experience with bullying and how they coped over the years. Topics of cyberbullying was a prevalent issue in which wrestler Nikki A.S.H also explained her struggle with cyberbullies. As mentioned by Arab News, the wrestler was hated on by many for her mask and costumes wore in the ring.

Diva wrestler Natalya, also told Arab News that “It’s important for the kids to see that we are all connected, we are really all alike. “We want them to be able to stand up for themselves, to be strong and positive.”


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Other wrestlers also praised the Kingdom for its progression and dedication to expanding the entertainment industry, beating the stereotypes circulated in the media.

Titus O’Neil mentioned, “Jeddah is the place that made me famous. People here are so nice and kind. Coming here for the first time was a really eye-opening experience for me because you see all those stereotypical things on the news and then you actually come here and it is the exact opposite.”


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Natalya was also very grateful to be wrestling in a women’s fight in the Kingdom, breaking all the misconceptions towards the nation and its entertainment industry.


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