Yoga Lectures Are Now Being Held In Saudi Universities

Hera Shabbir

Yoga has now made it to universities in the Kingdom and it looks exciting!

Yoga has become quite popular in Saudi Arabia, especially with specialized institutions like the Arab Committee for Yoga lead by Professor Nouf Al-Maroui .Yoga is already being taught in schools and has become a part of students’ daily lives. However, it has now hit the universities, with a virtual lecture given by the Saudi Yoga Committee in cooperation with the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities. Nouf Al-Marouei said, “The committee seeks to achieve its vision of spreading yoga on a large scale within the Saudi society; Therefore, I took the initiative to cooperate with the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities in order to build a generation of yoga lovers, especially young people, to enjoy physical and psychological health.”

This lecture was titled “Yoga for male and female university students” lead by Professor Nouf Al-Marouei

The objectives of this lecture were:

  • Establishing competitive yoga teams to participate in competitions organized in local universities
  • Introduction to the basics of yoga and its health benefits
  • Spreading awareness and motivation for practicing yoga among all segments of society

Mrs. Narvin, one of the yoga instructors, presented important information to the attendees at King Faisal Specialist Hospital. She offered a voluntary course, talking about the importance of yoga and conditioning that helps improve breathing and health in general, in addition to being a sport that helps in general fitness




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