You Can Now Reach The UAE From Al Khobar In About 3 Hours Thanks To New Highway


The new highway from Al Khobar that passes through Al Uqair and then Salwa has greatly reduced travel times.

The Qatar trip used to be a solid, long road trip, especially with that Hofuf detour.

But now? Boom! You’re looking at just a smooth 2-hour ride. And get this: there’s even a vlogger out there claiming they reached Doha in 1 hour, 45 minutes!

This highway isn’t just a game-changer for Qatar trips. It has actually reduced travel times to and from the UAE as well, especially for people living in Sharqiyah and Bahrain.

You could just keep going on the highway after Salwa and reach the Batha border in just a little over 3 hours from Al Khobar.

Google Maps currently shows travel time by car from Al Khobar to Abu Dhabi at 6 hours 45 minutes. Wohoo!

Basically, getting everywhere around the Gulf has now become super easy. Founding Day long weekend plans sorted!


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