You Can Now Travel From Riyadh To Oman By Bus


There’s a new inter-country bus service in town, and it’s linking Riyadh to Oman. Yeah, you heard that right! While Riyadh’s already got bus routes to the UAE thanks to SAPTCO, this is a whole new ball game. The journey is super long, but hey, you’ll be cruising through vast stretches of the enigmatic Rub al-Khali desert on the new highway that’s been built across it.

The bus kicks off from Riyadh’s Al-Aziziyah neighbourhood before making a pit stop in Dammam before venturing into Oman. Along the Oman leg, you’ll get to stretch your legs at Ruwi, Nizwa, and Ibri.

Now, if you’re not a fan of flying or just love the scenic route, this bus ride to Oman is your golden ticket. Sure, it’s a bit of a marathon at 18 to 20 hours, but think of all the stories you’ll have to tell afterward!

Tickets are going for SR 350.

So grab your snacks, playlist, and comfy pillow—it’s time for an epic desert adventure!


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