YouTuber IShowSpeed Had The Most Wholesome Reaction Meeting Al Nassr Superstar Ronaldo

Hera Shabbir

If you didn’t know already, iShowSpeed is actually Ronaldo’s biggest fan and has been following the player since the early days of his career. The YouTuber, with over a 17 million subscribers finally met his icon, Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal! His reaction was so wholesome and has been going viral across the internet.

He posted this video of the exact moment he met his icon

IShowSpeed is actually famous for his various livestreams that feature gaming, sports, and most importantly Ronaldo. He even had a livestream commentary on Ronaldo’s Al Nassr Debut and his Founding Day celebrations in Saudi Arabia.

IShowSpeed is clearly a fan and was more than thrilled about the special moment that happened just 11 hours ago


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