20 Reasons Why Egypt Should Be On Everyone’s Travel Bucket List


When one hears about Egypt, we think of the pyramids, and maybe celebrities endless snaps of them air-kissing the statue of the Sphinx at Giza. But there’s so much more to that beautiful country and here’s a list of 20 reasons (amongst 100 more) why everyone needs to travel to Egypt at least once. 

Though we can’t guarantee you’ll only visit once after this:

1. Egyptians really are one of the friendliest people, anywhere and everywhere you find ’em 

Not that we mean to generalise but how many times have you met an Egyptian who wasn’t generous or just all around optimistic? 

Yep. May it be workers, taxi drivers, or even at the airport (where it’s usually scariest), Egyptians make you feel welcome and at home and are always ready to lend a joke.

2. Visiting the pyramids may sound like a cliche but actually being around it is more than magical

I mean, you’re going to be in one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world. That’s something. It’s like making your mark on something that’s going to be around for much longer than you. Plus, you can now match up all the documentaries on Ancient Egypt to what you’ve seen. 

3. It’s only a 2-hour flight from Saudi to Cairo and even less by car! 

many airlines often has the most insane offers on flights to Egypt. 

4. It’s crazy inexpensive! 

You’d probably spend more on a flight than your entire stay in Egypt if you budget well. It’s probably just the souvenirs that are going to get you excited. I spent no more than 1,200 dirhams for a two-week stay and did almost everything you can think of. I may have gotten away with a lot because I stayed at a friend’s in Cairo but imagine the little damage you could do as a solo traveller or if you split with a friend.

5. You can try new things like scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports 

From our experience, scuba diving cost 300 Egyptian pounds, and you might get lucky finding less or a little more. Either way, the price for such an experience is incomparable. It is a must-try, especially in Dahab. 

6. If you have Egyptian friends, make sure they’re along for the ride 

Trust us; this will help you with a lot. Plus, you’ll learn a lot more about the country this way. They’ll teach you the words, phrases, songs and make you eat the good food that all the locals like.

7. Visit other islands in the country- like Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, El Gouna, and North Coast

Google them. They’re otherworldly.

8. If you don’t mind car rides, drive or be driven to El Fayoum on a private tent by the beautiful lake

Having the desert, blue skies and the lake all to yourself is almost too dreamy to explain. During our stay we also had our tent to chill in, enjoyed great music, barbeque and left just before sunset.  

And, dab!

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 3 39 16 Pm

9. Because… KOSHARY

If you’re into rice, sauce, pasta, something crunchy and everything in between- koshary is for you. Koshary is a traditional Egyptian dish made in the 19th century of rice, macaroni, lentils, spiced tomato sauce, chickpeas and fried onions. 

It might not sound appealing by definition, but if you’re on a trip already, why the heck not? 

10. The sweetest treat: Roz bil Laban

Especially perfect for summer days or nights in Cairo, this sweet concoction had our mouths melting with flavour. This rice pudding is a gift from heaven with its rose and cardamom taste- that’s not too strong but a perfect blend. 

Try Al Malky in Cairo; it’s the best.

11. The souvenirs will not be basic. No basic fridge magnets, hats or T-shirts with just the country’s name. 

Egypt has history, and lots of it.

 The souvenirs you’re going to bring back home is one that will keep reminding you of the country’s beauty. From Nefertiti necklaces to the Ankh that stands as a symbol of life, you won’t regret any of the papyrus papers you’ll be spending on.

12. You can hone your bargaining skills

Much like any other country, as a foreigner, you shouldn’t accept the first price you’re given unless you’re in a salon, restaurant, hotel or any other establishment. 

This doesn’t mean that you go stingy, but let’s say you’re at Khan el- Khalili’s souq and want to purchase real silver necklaces- be nice to the person selling it to you, develop a friendship and get the price lowered or even cut to half. 

Plus points for new skills! 

13. The car rides and the streets of Cairo will always feel like a rollercoaster 

It’s hair-raising at first but you get used to it. Free entertainment, plus you get to your location much faster. 

14. Have a romantic dinner (by yourself lol) on a boat by the Nile River 

I mean… 

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 3 42 08 Pm

15. It’s the best place to tan in the summer

With Egypt’s incredible sun and wide horizons, just get you a carrot tanning oil and you’re set. 

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 3 42 55 Pm

16. If you’ve tried sheesha then you’ll know this country serves the best ones 

We don’t know what it is, it’s just different. 

You also can’t leave Cairo without going to El Fishawy, the music, people and atmosphere will take you back to Ancient Egyptian times.

17. You can have dinner on top of a mountain underneath the sky full of stars

This is not a drill or a Coldplay song. Yes.

18. All the other historical sites are in a whole other area- Luxor and Aswan. 

You thought they were all in just one area? 

Nope. There’s so much to see in Egypt, two weeks is barely enough. Luxor is home to the Karnak Temple, Valley of The Kings, tombs of many well-known pharaohs and Aswan houses temples from the Old Kingdom!

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 3 44 28 Pm

19. The coral reefs of the Red Sea, that’s all.

20. Buggy-rides by the mountains at Sinai

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 3 46 00 Pm


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