5 Emotions You Go Through While On The Causeway To Bahrain On A Weekend


Okay so it is the weekend and you’ve decided to go to Bahrain and will probably have a great time there. However, traveling to Bahrain on a weekend is not as easy as sitting in your car, crossing the causeway in under 30 minutes and boom you’re in Bahrain.  It’s a bit more complicated and you’ll perhaps go through a wide range of emotions that will probably be something like this:

 1. Excitement

The music in your car is blaring, the AC is full on and you’re staring at the outskirts of Al Khobar as you drive up to the causeway. You start driving on the causeway and continue in the same mood until you see the traffic in front of you.

2. Slight Apprehension

Seeing the huge amount of cars that are waiting in line in front of you makes you slightly apprehensive. You try to convince yourself that the traffic is moving and it won’t be long before you pass through Bahraini immigration. 

3. Anger

You are waiting in a queue that moves at a snail’s pace and you suddenly see another car cutting the queue right in front of your car. You honk to release your anger but deep inside you know it is of no use, he’s already in front of you and not going to get out of the line.

4. Tiredness

It has been almost two hours and you are still not in Bahrain. The excitement is far gone and you just wish that somehow this misery of pressing the brake and releasing it ends.

5. Achievement

You pass through Bahraini immigration, race your car towards Bahrain now that the queues and lines have ended and brace yourself for a fun weekend!

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