5 Mountains In Saudi Arabia That Everyone MUST Visit


Saudi Arabia has a LOT of natural beauty – from deserts to forests to the sea on either side and a lot of mountain ranges.

Here are 5 mountains that are a must visit for anyone in Saudi Arabia

Perfect for trekking.

1. Fifa Mountains

Fifa Mountains are the highest peak in Jizan are located in the southernmost region close to Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen.

The mountains are evergreen throughout the year and are located near a local hot water spring ‘Ain Al Har’.

2. Jabal Sawda

Jabal Sawda stands at round 3,000 metres (9,843 ft) and is considered to be the highest point in Saudi Arabia.

A small village of the same name is located nearby which serves as a tourist center. A cable car to the top of the mountain operates from the village.

3. Jabal Warrab

Jabal Warrab is a mountain in the As Sarawat mountain range and is considered to be the second highest peak in the country.

The Sawarat Mountain range runs through the western part of Saudi Arabia and is, essentially, running parallel to the eastern coast of the Red Sea.

309Px Taif Mountains 2011

4. Jabal al-Lawz

Jabal al-Lawz is located near the Jordanian border, in the northwestern region of the Kingdom.

The name translated to ‘mountains of almonds’ and was named so because of the color of the mountain – a light colored grey-brown.

5. Jabal Daka

Jabal Dakka is the highest mountain in the area in the town of Ash Shafa (or The Cure), just a 20km drive from Taif.

The mountain is used to establish the timings of of prayer and when to start and end fasts in the month of Ramadan.

In the winters, the temperatures at the top can reach well below 0 °C.


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