5 Small Saudi Towns That Every History Lover Should Visit At Least Once


Saudi Arabia is one place where history lovers won’t get it easy, they’ll have to literally at times dig deep to come across wonders. Being home to some of the earliest civilizations, the kingdom is home to several ancient towns and villages that continue to be inhabited, here are some of them.


This town was more or less abandoned several centuries ago, nearby there is a new town that though inhabited fairly recently goes by with the same name of Khaybar. In the old town, one will get to see remains of old garrisons and forts, which were the sites of the legendary battle of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) 1,400 year ago.


Uqair may not be the oldest place on this list, but it was significant as it was the first seaport in Arabia along the Arabian Gulf. Today, visitors to the site will get to see the remains of the old port. There’s a pretty nice beach nearby too.

Dumat Al Jandal

If you are into historic structures then this place is just for you. Dumat Al Jandal has no shortage of historic structures, the most magnificent of which is the Marid Castle. The castle has become the poster boy for Al Jouf’s tourism.


If you’ve imagined Arabia like this mystical place with fine hospitality, mud-built structures and desert surroundings then this is one place that will fit the stereotype. The locals of the village have paid out of their pockets to restore the village and today it serves as a growing tourist destination some 200 km to the north west of Riyadh.

Rijal Alma

Nestled deep in the Sarawat Mountains, this town is one of the best-preserved places on our list. For a SAR 10 entry fee, visitors get to roam this town that takes a good portion of an hour to explore. The best thing about this place is that every house in the town is made almost entirely of stone and yet many are multi-storied.


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