7 Amazing Things You’ve Definitely Got To See In Hail


Hail is perhaps the least explored of all big cities in Saudi Arabia. The city is known for being one of the oldest inhabited places in the region. Even the legendary Arabian figure Hatem Taie hailed from the city.

There are plenty of things to do in Hail, so if you are planning to visit it anytime soon this guide may come handy.

1. Hail Rally

This is perhaps the biggest recurring event in Hail. The rally has been held since 2006 and is even sanctioned by the FIA. The reason why this rally gets its popularity is because it is the biggest rally in the country and even rally stars like Yazeed Al Rajhi are regularly seen participating in it.

2. Al Samra Mountain

The city of Hail is surrounded by mountains. The Samra Mountain is recommended as a must-visit because of the view of the city that one gets from here – especially at night when it is lit.

3. Al Rajhi Mosque

If anyone browses images of Hail on Instagram, then one of the first things that will pop in the search results is the Al Rajhi Mosque. In resembles the mosques of Turkey and dominates the Hail skyline.

4. Qishalah Palace

The palace sits right in the heart of the city. It was constructed in the 40s and has been remarkably well preserved.  Though it is called a “palace” it was more or less used as a barracks in the past. 

5. Airif Fort

The Airif Fort sits on a hill on the fringes of the city. Visitors to this fort are not only greeted by a structure that has been standing strong for over 200 years but also get an unbeatable view of the city from the watchtower.

6. Jubbah

Located 90 km from Hail, Jubbah is by far the most popular rock art site in the county and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Though it is surrounded completely by a desert today, the area once had lush vegetation in and around it and a sizeable population inhabited it. The original inhabitants of the area have left some amazing rock art for the world to see portraying what life was like thousands of years ago.

Nufud Al Kabeer

Camping and off-roading are highly recommended here provided that you have taken all the necessary precautions. A view of the starlit sky at night is one that one would not want to miss.


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