8 Questions That Are On Everyone’s Minds Now That Cinemas Are About To Open In Saudi


The news of cinemas opening has not only got Saudis excited but even those living abroad found it on their front pages the day after it was announced. There is so much hype and so many expectations from them and people even started suggesting on the kind of movies they’d want to see and the food they’ll love to have while watching them.

But there are a lot of unanswered questions that are on many people’s minds. Here are some of the most common ones and no we are not including the question of censorship here.

1. Will there be a separate singles section like in the restaurants?

2. Can’t we have some local food alongside popcorn?

3. We’ll be left wondering what will happen during prayer time.

4. Are the ticket prices gonna be the same on all screens?

5. Are Bollywood movies gonna play here?

6. And if they are, then can we get a one day head start to the worldwide release just like in the UAE.

7. The actors can come here to promote their films, right?

8. Lastly, can we finally expect to see movie reviews in our newspapers?


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