A New Museum Has Opened In The Royal Clock Tower In Makkah And It’s Said To Be The Highest In The World


The clock face in the Royal Clock Tower is the largest in the world measuring some 43sqm. That makes it larger than the big ben.

It also happens to be the highest clock face in the world as it sits right on top one of the tallest buildings in the world that boasts of a height of a whopping 601 meters.

The building and its clock face hold several records, now it’s home to a museum called the Clock Tower Museum. So it probably is the highest museum in the world, because where else would you have a museum over five hundred meters above the ground. Exciting, isn’t it?

The museum talks about the story of the universe

A lot of focus in the museum is also given to the construction of the remarkable clock face

It’s probably one of the best museums in the country now

Look at the view from the museum


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