CONFIRMED: Formula E Championship Is Coming Back To The Diriyah Region?


Saudi Arabia is getting ready for the Diriyah Formula 2 race on November 22 and 23, which takes place on the Diriyah racing circuit with the participation of global contestants, following the successful launch of its first debut.

A speed Up To 280 KM/hour 

Formula E Championship contestants started using the generation 2 Formula E cars from the championship’s season 5 till now. The Formula E cars 2nd generation will be seen in Diriyah E-Prix 2019. It will allow the drivers to enjoy higher speeds up to 280KM/hr, and acceleration from 0 to 100KM/hr in 2.8 seconds.

Generation 2 Formula E cars feature a double amount of battery storage capacity compared to the first generation. Besides, increasing the total power from 200 KW to 250 KW.

In the meantime, new plans are under study to launch generation 3 of the formula E cars. The 3rd generation will feature a total power from 450 KW to 500 KW, which considered a big jump in the E-cars’ world.

Formula E Championship Tickets Are Now Available Online

Tickets for sportive events presented by Diriyah season including, Formula E Championship, Diriyah Clash on the Dunes, and Diriyah Tennis Cup are now available on the website

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