5 Saudi Fashion Designers To Watch Out For This Year


Like the wise words of Lady Gaga in the prime of her music days, “Fashion, put it all on me,” these Saudi designers have been giving it their all in the industry. Especially in 2017. 

Saudis have a way with fashion- maybe it’s their natural talent at accessorising, picking out which patterns go with what or any other Vogue-related intent. The world is bare witness to this glorified post, as we introduce you to the Saudi designers who have really stepped their game up in the last year. 

1. Hatem Alakeel – workwear with an edge 

This designer uses quality-material and bold prints that usually speak for themselves and add that touch of pizzaz onto any (otherwise) regular work clothing. 

2. Arwa Al Banawi- modern chic 

Arwa impressed us last year with her amazing line of suits for women.

3. Qamrah World – sophisticated and modern 

This designer has the ability to infuse the sophistication that’s almost semi-formal yet casual at a the same time. We’re waiting to see what new ideas Qamrah will set out for this year.

4. Hiba Farrash – clean, crisp and feminine

Farrash’ designs comprise of pastel, nudes and bright colors that accentuate the femininity of the person wearing it. Hiba’s designs are usually readymade and available for orders online.

5. The Way – artistic streetwear 

Saudi designer of The Way (based in Dubai) caters to the new era of fashion. The Way’s designs are eclectic, to say the least. This brand’s use of neutral tones, prints and and expensive-looking material is just one of the factors that will have them grow even more.

It is definitely the choice for the modern and urban woman! 


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