Yoga Is Now Officially A Legal Sports Activity In Saudi Arabia And Yogis Everywhere Are Celebrating


Yoga is now listed under The Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry under the ‘sports activities’ category- which means any Saudi citizen can now practice it or teach by obtaining a license from the government. 

Pretty neat.

The approval of yoga under the ‘sports activity’ category took place on Tuesday 

A Saudi local yoga teacher, Nouf Marwaai, found it difficult in the beginning to make teaching yoga be deemed as a profession. Since 2005, when she first approached authorities on changing this- it resulted in no success.

That is, until, she approached Princess Reema Bint Bandar Alsaud (Deputy of the General Sports Authority), who reassured her that things are changing and this could soon be approved, according to News of Bahrain.

Yoga is a legal sports activity in Saudi Arabia now. It’s on the official website of the ministry of trade and industry listed under sports activities. Licenses are available for yoga centers and studios. Saudi yoga teachers have even started preparing their own yoga studios

Nouf Marwaai (via DNAIndia)

A lot of yogis in Saudi and elsewhere are celebrating the news

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