Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Saudi Influencer Abeer Sinder


Thanks to social media, so many incredibly talented people have been given a platform – which is wonderful.

And one of these includes a Saudi model and lifestyle/family influencer that should be on everyone’s radar

Abeer Sinder is a Saudi model, lifestyle influencer, wife, and mother, and working life as a model, her family life as a wife and mother, and her content is excellent.

She especially got int he public’s radar after sharing a video of her wedding


Abeer is is married to British martial arts instructor, Liam O’Neill, who she met in Jeddah.

Their wedding in 2019 was the talk of the town

Abeer and Liam became parents earlier this year and Abeer has been sharing glimpses into her pregnancy and motherhood the whole time. This is why her audience is especially invested in not just her modeling and fashion career but her family as well!

But her modeling career is also going places


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