11 Photos Of The New Jeddah Waterfront That Will Show You How Beautiful It Really Is


Prince of Makkah, Khaled Al Faisal, just yesterday launched and opened the Jeddah Waterfront project to the public. 

He not only thanked the King and the Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman, but he also mentioned how unusual and surprising it was for such a big project to be carried out in Jeddah.

After congratulating the city and their citizens for the opening of the project many people were quick to snap pictures of the new hotspot and post them… and here are the best ones we’ve found already!

1. There’s a huge sign with shining blue neon lights

2. The view is absolutely breathtaking

3. The pedestrian bridge is just something else

4. All angles are deffo Instagram friendly

5. And it looks even better from above!

6. Your evenings will never be the same

7. The horses are the absolute cutest!

8. Sunsets

9. How cool!?

10. We absolutely can’t get enough

11. And we know neither will you


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