Last Night’s Gulf Cup Championship Shows The Incredible Unity Between Saudi And Bahrain


Bahrain won the Gulf Cup for the first time in history with a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia in the final match in Qatar. The Bahraini win was significant for the national team as they crowned Arabian Gulf Cup champions for the first time since the tournament debut 50 years ago.

The Saudi team had possession throughout the match, but unfortunately, they missed two potential goals at the beginning of the first half. Those goals could have changed the course of the match, especially after Salem Al-Dawsari and Salman Al Faraj’s shots that hit the goalpost.

The Saudi team celebrated the victory of the Bahraini team with great joy

Saudis showed their happiness at the victory of their fellow country, Bahrain by way of many tweets and social media posts.

The biggest football fan in the Gulf, SHK Issa bin Rashid Al Khalifa, appeared very happy after the match, having finally witnessed the Bahraini national team win the Gulf Cup. We dedicate our immense joy to him and ask that God protect him.

Congratulation Gulf Champions

A Bahraini fan during the last minutes of the match






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