New Improvements And Internal Train In Riyadh Boulevard That Will Keep You Excited?


Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the Board of the General Entertainment Authority, has announced on Riyadh Season official page and his Twitter account the public decency code, which imposes fines in case any of its terms have been violated to preserve the beauty of the regions, where Riyadh season events are taking place.

According to the public decency code, any person disposes the garbage at non-designated sites, will pay a fine estimated with 500 riyals for the first time and will pay the double of 1,000 riyals for the second time.

Public decency code was issued last month and recorded 19 violations cases. Violators are punished by paying fines with a minimum of 50 Riyals and up to 3,000 Riyals.

Public Decency Code




Installation and operation of the internal train

Saudi General Entertainment Authority has announced that the Riyadh Boulevard will be closed on Monday for the installation and operation of the internal train, and further improvements and additions.

Turki Al-Sheikh announced on his Twitter that the Riyadh Boulevard closure on Monday excludes cinema and theaters, to install and operate the internal train in preparation for the launch on Tuesday, and to make some improvements, and additions that will earn people’s admiration.

The reason for the closure is due to the fast search for solutions to mitigate violations including, waste disposal, crowd, harassments, the capacity of the place.


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