Rehearsals Begin For Riyadh Season’s Exceptional Concert “Sahm Night” ?


In preparations of Riyadh Season’s exceptional night of music and art, Sahm Night, rehearsals have been commenced and spread over the social media yesterday night. In the presence of the music composer, Sahm, who supervised the preparations along with other artists and their bands.

Rehearsals commenced with Omaima Taleb, then Asalah and Ismail Mubarak, and later came Rabeh Saqr, who has a large share of Sahm’s works since 2004 and started his first rehearsal.

Music distributor, Issam Shrayti, published a picture at the beginning of the rehearsals

Concert Surprise: Asala will perform Abdul Majid Abdullah’ song “Esma3ini”

End of Rehearsals with Abu Saqr

As known, Rabeh Saqr collaborated with Sahm in many musical works for more than 10 years, which came among the top hits and broke records such as Montaha Al Reqa, Ma 3ad Tes’al, shareek, and many more.


The latest song “Shareek” for both Rabeh and Sahm is Topping the Songs List.



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