Superstar Boxer Amir Khan Is Coming To Saudi For An Epic ‘India VS Pakistan’ Boxing Bout


Saudi Arabia is hosting epic events this year. The yearly line up of events just got better thanks to an exhibition boxing match that the kingdom is set to host.

According to the Russia Today, the fight will be held between British boxer of Pakistani origin Amir Khan and former Indian MMA fighter Neeraj Goyat.

Rumour mill is abuzz that Amir Khan who is an Olympic Silver medalist is reportedly being paid around $8.8 million for his appearance.

He apparently was in Dubai this past Wednesday to finalize the deals.

His Instagram page has photos of him in Dubai from this past Wednesday.

His opponent Neeraj Goyat is India’s most famous face in the world of boxing who is also the first Indian to rank on the World Boxing Championships rankings.

The epic clash will take place in Jeddah on the 12th of July.


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