Apple’s Training Academy In Saudi Arabia Is Seeking Women Applicants


If you are a woman interested in building a career in technology, a bunch of excellent opportunities are now lined up for you!

And prior experience or a background in the field is not mandatory

Tuwaiq Academy became Apple’s first educational training center in the Middle East after it was included in its Apple training center program. The new academy will be a partnership with the Saudi Federation for Cyber ​​Security, Programming and Drones.

And the academy is accepting applications from women of all backgrounds – so long as they have the motivation to learn and thrive in a collaborative learning environment.

Candidates will be provided with the skills, resources, and training to find and create jobs in the booming iOS app economy.


The program has two main levels – the first is a four-week program and the second program is a one-year course.

Graduates will be perfectly skilled to contribute to local business communities.

Scholarships are also available!

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