The ‘What Is Famous In Kuwait’ Hashtag Is Trending On Twitter And Here’s Why You Should Visit Kuwait At Least Once


The Arabic Hashtag roughly translating to “What is famous in Kuwait” was trending almost all day today on Saudi Twitter.

Seeing that we decided to give you reasons to visit this country just in case you are looking for a place to travel and not want to head far away from Saudi.

1. If you love the burger scene in Saudi then you’ll absolutely love the burger scene in Kuwait. They even have burgers on conveyor belts.

2. Just look at the kind of resorts they have.

3. For history lovers, they have an excellent museum in the capital.

4.  Speaking of history, they even have a classical Arabian Nights like heritage souk called Al Mubarakiya that is located right in the heart of Kuwait City.

5. Saudis have visa-free access for Kuwait and Saudi Iqama holders are given visa on arrival.

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6.  If you have a thing for modern architecture, then you need to head to Kuwait City asap. The concrete city literally rises from the desert.

7. Then there is the beautiful Failaka Heritage Village that is located on an island in the Arabian Sea.

8. Shopping lovers are going to love the gargantuan malls here. 

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9. And of course, there is the landmark Kuwait Towers that is the poster child of Kuwaiti tourism.

Need we say more?


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