These Naturally Formed Pillars In Northern Saudi Look So Out Of This World


Saudi Arabia is geographically so diverse that just when you think you’ve seen it all, it throws something totally unexpected at you.

We recently came across these pillar-like structures that stand scattered around the northern part of the country and look from afar as if they are ruins of some ancient civilization.

Called Gharameel, these naturally formed pillars are in fact remains of a huge mountain and have been shaped with no human intervention whatsoever. 

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According to Al Arabiya English Dr. Abdulaziz bin Laaboun, a geology professor at King Saud University, said that the word “Gharmeel means a big mountain that is fragmented into smaller pillars…”

These structures contain iron oxides that make them resistant to changes in the atmosphere according to Dr. Laaboun.

The gharameel are found to the south of Al Ula. Since the place is also a popular stargazing site, the gharameel look even better at night.

However, it is not advisable to spend the night here as the place has a sizable wolf population.

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