This Saudi Instagram Account Will Make You Green With Envy


An Instagram account dedicated to the super-wealthy kids of Saudi Arabia is driving us all crazy!

The account that shows pictures of Saudi young adults living life is absolutely bonkers – but we can’t get enough of these photos. 

So here it is, a few images off the #RichKidsOfSaudi that’ll give you the shock of a life time.

1. Cos yellow is a pretty fun colour

2. Just me and my lion casually 

3. When your pet is super photogenic 

4. Me, my mansion, my car, and I

5. Gotta represent, gotta represent 

6. Jet life, no biggy

7. What’s better than one billionaire? Two.

8. Money ain’t a thaaaaaaaaang

9. Triple threat 

10. Because it’s JUST gold 

11. Sharing is caring perhaps?


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