4 NEW Places In Taif That You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On Your Next Visit


Taif has become one of the most sought-after destinations in the country with its ease of access, alpine climate and stunning panoramas. The tourist numbers just amplified in the Covid-era as many started to look inwards. And, Taif is keeping up pace with the growing tide as it has added several new things for tourists to do in the city. We had crazy fun experiencing them and you probably would too. Read on.

1. Bird Park

It has pretty unusual timings, I say this ‘cus it’s open only till 5:00 PM – that’s like when most of us start getting out of our comfy hotel beds right? But anyway, you’ll have to get up early and prepare to stand in a long queue before getting in as they’ve got a cap on the number of people allowed in at a time. Once you do make it through you’re in for an experience that the whole fam can enjoy. You can feed exotic birds here, have them perch on your hands and just see a dazzling variety of ‘em here.


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2. Strawberry Farm

Advisory: If it’s not strawberry picking season then don’t go ‘cus otherwise you’ll be left just staring at a bunch of strawberry plants. They do, however, have a small what they call a “Bird Zoo” that does have a nice variety of birds and a small pond with geese in it that you can feed. Still, considering what they’re offering, it’s a bit pricey at SAR35 per head.

3. Taif Safari

This place was said to be a private reserve of an individual but he has thrown its gates open to tourists now. You can book a nice majlis for yourself here and have guests such as deers, ducks, ostriches and even the occasional rabbits paying a visit, all of which roam freely on the grounds. It’s like you’re in an open zoo.

4. Mega City Walk

With a bevy of posh cafés, a 10-screen multiplex, and a reasonable selection of stores, the Mega City Walk is a great location to unwind. Sipping a piping hot cup of specialty coffee in Taif’s crisp mountain air is an experience that’s worth the long drive to Taif alone.


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