Saudi Citizens No Longer Need Visas To Fly To Montenegro But There’s A Major Catch


The Saudi passport is getting stronger by the day. In just under a year, Saudi passport holders have gotten visa free or e-visa access to countries like Kyrgyzstan and Honduras, and of course there was that major 5-year EU visa announcement. The latest country hopping on the bandwagon granting Saudi citizens visa-free access is none other than Montenegro.

For those who have difficulty spotting countries on the map, Montenegro sits tucked away in the Balkans. You can expect things like turquoise waters lapping at dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains that pierce the sky, and postcard-perfect towns steeped in history.

Sounds dreamy, right? Well, you don’t need a visa to visit them, as per Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tirana, Albania.

However, there’s a catch here: the exemption is valid only until October 31, so you better hurry.

And be sure to be part of an organized tour group, flying directly in and out. You’ll also need to show proof that you’ve paid for your travel and have an invitation from a Montenegrin tourist office.


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