The Sleepy Town Of Maqna In The Kingdom’s Far Northwest Has Become An Instagram Favourite And It’s Easy To See Why


Located in the far northwest of the kingdom, the sleepy town of Maqna has become a hotbed for tourists and it’s got Instagram to thank for it. Photos of the beach of this small town regularly make it to social media. With many looking for domestic destinations in the COVID era, Maqna was one such place that benefitted immensely.

Just look at the scenic beach. This is as good as it gets for beach bums.

But, it’s got many more sights than just a pristine beach though.


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It’s a fab scuba diving site too with a dazzling array of corals on display.


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Nearby, is an area filled with small springs, which many refer to as the “Springs of Moses”.


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If you’re willing to venture out then there are so many more places associated with Prophet Moses in the vicinity including the Al Saulanadani Well, which is said to be the location of an incident related to the prophet described in the Quran.

Photo Credit: Areej Saraj


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