The Uber Luxurious Red Sea Project To Open Next Year


Part of Saudi Arabia’s major push towards tourism is the mega Red Sea Project that seeks to convert 90 islands off the country’s western coast into a Maldives-like luxury tourist destination.

The project is being developed by the Red Sea Development Company and the new Twitter bio of the company reads “Responsible for the delivery of the world’s most ambitious, regenerative tourism project, opening end of 2022 in Saudi Arabia”.

The CEO of the Red Sea Development Company has also confirmed the 2022 opening date and has mentioned that over 10,000 people are working at the site.

It was originally slated to open in 2023 as per its website, but now it’s being a opened about a full year before that.

9 major hotel brands have already signed up to operate luxury resorts on the archipelago.

Construction is well underway on a dedicated new airport.


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