This Cave Has A Lake That Is Totally Worth The Cool-Off After A Hike

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh isn’t just known for its breathtaking skyscrapers and city views as this cave proves the capital also offers beautiful sites on the nature side

Heet Cave is located about 35 kilometers south of the capital Heading To Al-Kharj. Picture layers of red rocks, dark alleys, tricky paths all leading to a crystal clear underground lake straight from a movie! Riyadh’s best hidden gem is the perfect next getaway.

The cave, also known as ‘Ain Heet’ got its name from its entrance which resembles the shape of an eye with its beautiful natural limestone formations


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The cave’s entrance is about 20 meters wide, and gets narrow to 5 meters the further you explore. Scattered rays of sunlight hit this cave making it a magical experience down to the lake. Make sure to grab some firm hiking boots and a night-mode camera to capture the aqua blue waters.


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