An ADORABLE Video Shows An Expat Surprised By His Mother At His Workplace In Madinah


An expat working at a dates shop received the surprise of a lifetime after his mother showed up to his workplace in Madinah, pretending to be a customer.

The incredibly sweet video has now gone viral on Twitter, with more than 45,000 views and hundreds of retweets already.

The video shows the woman entering a shop pretending to be a customer

When, not for long, his son realizes that it was his mother right in front of him.

The rest of the video was an emotional rollercoaster that probs had us shed a tear or two.

And other social media users seemed to have felt the same

‘Very touching, I couldn’t hold my tears…’

Many are also praising the mother who traveled all the way for her son

But the video basically received similar response from Saudis across the Kingdom

We’re all up in our feelings

So sweet!


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