Historic Souq In Madinah Once Gutted By Fire Is Revived And It’s Now A Major Hub For Handicrafts


Located to the west of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, the Suwaiqah Souq is believed to be over 430 years old. Once a major market for textiles, gold and perfumes, the market was razed by a fire in 1976.

However, recently it has been revived and the market is bustling with trade once again.

It was rebuilt under the Al-Ainiyah and Suwaiqah project.


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The project also trained Saudi women in several fields with a prime focus on handicrafts. These handicrafts are being sold in the market— many as souvenirs to pilgrims.

The training for these women was provided free of charge.


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Here they are learning the art of making handicrafts.


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