10 Photos Of Asir Region That Prove It Is One Of The Most Breathtaking Place In The World


Asir region, located southwest of the country, and a population of almost two million- is one of the Kingdom’s pride. Due to its scenic nature, this region is always welcome to tourists or anyone wishing to see its beauty. 

Reports even announced that the General Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has found more than 419 archaeologic sites in the region, with some dating all the way back to 3000-4000 BC. 

1. Mountainside roads give the Asir region its very own edge 

2. Najran Fort looking its most glorious

Its designs showcase all the significant qualities of the region.

3. Located in the southwest of the Kingdom

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4. The capital of the Asir region is called Abha…

5. A great place to seek tranquility

…and probably find it.

6. Other popular towns in the region are…

Khamis Mushait, Bisha and Bareq.



9. It is an incredible area that is built on culture and tradition

10. Even their parks look awesome over there…

Thinking of a visit yet?

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