10 Times Hijabi Brides Were The Most Breathtakingly Gorgeous People On This Planet


We aren’t saying that hijabi brides make the most beautiful brides ever, but they are pretty darn close. There’s something about those face-framing scarves, each one more unique than the other, that make them look so stunning .

So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of some of these real-life hijabi brides. 

TBH, if this doesn’t make you say ‘masha’Allah’, then we don’t know what will!

1. Swinging in straight into her fairytale

How absolutely amazing is that pale blue scarf against her off white gown? Just goes on to prove that simplicity never fails to impress.

2. The beige bride

Those lashes, and that headwear jewellery, the beige coordinated hijab and her outfit- nothing could be more gorgeous than this! 

3. The one with your gals

If this isn’t the most perfect group photo with your bridesmaids, then we don’t know what is! Also that contrast of emerald and pristine white is giving us all sorts of goals. 

4. The look of love

Call us romantics, but we love a great couple photo. And that bridal face, OMG. Perfection is the word! 

5. The Micheal Cinco bride

She had us at the unique grey-blue colour. And that design and embroidery of the outfit is to die for. Stunning!

6. A traditional affair

Dazzling us with that beautiful bling is this Libyan bride. Not to mention her on-point makeup. 

7. Dreamy wedding portrait

She cuts a regal frame, doesn’t she? Also, how insane is that never-ending trail? LOVE!

8. A study in pink

Dressed in floral pink from head to toe, this bride looks resplendent. 

9. Love me some drama

Sporting your hijab under a veil is a sure shot way to add some flair to your bridal look. Add some drama with heavy jewellery and a fiery red coloured outfit, and you can never go wrong! 

10. The one with a twist

A hundred times yes to a Peplum bridal outfit. How wonderfully unique is that dress?


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