20 Incredible Photos of Saudi’s Edge Of The World That Will Make You Think Twice About Being A Daredevil


Located 96km away from Riyadh is the ‘Edge of The World’ that is a popular weekend destination for locals and tourists alike. In the Sadous area, lies the high plains that let you see the beauty of nature and the Arabian desert.

Here’s 20 breathtaking and THRILLING photos from people who were brave enough to drive or pose by the edge: 

1. Beautiful!

2. The edge of the world at your feet… literally

3. How thrilling

4. WOW

5. Hunting fossils

6. You can almost feel the ancient vibes

7. Structures and details up close

8. The path towards the Edge

9. This is INSANE!

10. Instagrammable background for the win

11. Out of this world sunsets

12. You could roll up as a squad

13. Camels on the way

14. Desert at its finest

15. There’s an option to watch the sunrise too

16. Are you brave enough to drive almost close to the edge?

17. Or even yet…. pose there?

18. An oasis…


20. Do you dare?


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