20 Undeniably Instagrammable Photos Of Yanbu That Show Just How Breathtaking A City In Saudi It Is


Located in the Red Sea coast of western Saudi Arabia, Yanbu is a port city known for its glorious nature and sandy beaches. A popular destination for divers with sites in Sharm Yanbu Bay perfect for anyone looking to see beauty at its finest. 

We’ve rounded up the 20 beautiful shots of this city that might just make you think twice about your next staycation in the Kingdom:

1. Yanbu Lake giving you that island feel. Who Would’ve known?

2. Are you for real?

3. Sunsets by the beach

4. Historical meets cultural

5. Lampposts never looked this good…

6. Dolphin Beach Resort looking its most vibrant selt

7. Pretttttty

8. Nature’s best…

9. Sharm Yanbu up close

10. That is no basic ice-cream truck

11. Staycation, anyone?

12. Scuba diving in Yanbu will have you exploring ship wrecks deep under water

13. The Iouna wreck up close.. a favorite hunt for professional scuba divers

14. And if you ever feel like going for a nice dinner, here’s the vibrancy at Yanbu commercial port

15. Lake goals!

16. …

17. A photographer’s dream

18. Extraordinary clouds


20. Yanbu Al Nakhl


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