5 Things To Know About Saudi’s Crossfit Queen Amal Baatia And Why She’s Fitspirational


Between being a working mom, juggling two jobs and training during midnight- you can pretty much call Amal Baatia a Saudi superhero. As the first ever Saudi Arabian CrossFit coach in the Kingdom, Baatia is making waves for herself in the fitness industry. 

Here are 5 other things you might not know about our new #fitspiration:

1. She is the first female Saudi Arabian CrossFit coach 

Get the distinction right. She isn’t the first female coach in Saudi Arabia but the first Saudi Arabian female to teach CrossFit in the Kingdom. 

Super cool, right?

2. She aims to empower other women in the Kingdom

In an online article by Morning Chalk Up, she was quoted saying “Being strong and healthy is the most amazing feeling that any woman can have. That feeling comes every time you can rely on yourself, when you can carry all your heavy shopping bags from the supermarket or lift your own overloaded luggage at the airport.” 

Always aiming to encourage women on how empowering physical strength can be.

3. She’s 40 years old but looks twenty years younger

Seriously, it’s amazing what determination, passion and possibly good genetics can do.

4. She has even inspired women in other countries

Like in the UAE and other parts of the Middle East, where she is often attending fitness events.

5. She started her fitness journey with just a few equipments in her room

…and has turned that hobby into a passion that now allows her to educate other women on CrossFit, weightlifting and other fitness activities.

For more information on joining classes with Email, you can contact her on: amalb.fitness@gmail.com 


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