8 Reasons Why Saudi Influencer Hala Abdallah Is The Sister Everyone Wishes They Had


Hala Abdallah is one of the most prominent social media influencers in the region today. With almost a million Instagram followers, The Hala, has amassed a loyal following through the FABULOUS content she uploads. Hala is a Saudi local who lives in Los Angeles but is constantly jet-setting, discussing interior design and her passion for beauty and fashion. 

Here’s 8 pretty solid reasons why she’s the sister every girl wishes they had:

1. Let’s be honest, as her sister, we’d probably be raiding her closet everyday. She’s got the best set of wardrobe.

I mean…

On complete ‘fleek’

2. Or ‘borrow’ a few makeup items… she probably wouldn’t even notice

3. Because we’ll get to enjoy fun activities like horse-riding with her

4. She could redecorate our rooms for free.. (since she has knowledge on interior design and all)

5. We’d also get to travel… A LOT

You name it, she’s probably gone there

Paris, Dubai, California… etc

6. She drives the coolest cars

7. She could probably give us singing lessons too

8. And she could teach us a thing or two about selfies..


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