A Heart-Rending Footage Shows How A Father In Asir Was Run Over By A Vehicle While Trying To Save His Son


An unbelievably shocking CCTV footage shows a man and his son who were run over, as they crossed a street in Asir, on Saturday.

According to the daily Okaz, the child in the video could be seen walking with his father when the young boy’s hands suddenly slipped out of his father’s side, and he runs across the street.

As soon as the child got to the middle of the second road, the father noticed an oncoming vehicle and swiftly ran to push his son out of the way.

Unfortunately, the vehicle smashed into the both of them, hauling the father a few metres away.

The two were transferred to the nearest hospital where the father continues to fight for his life while the child is now in a stable condition.

Warning: graphic content

Due to the graphic nature of this video, we’ve decided not to share it on here. Should you choose to, you can watch the footage from this link.

Social media users are praising the father for his benevolent sacrifice

People are also sending out prayers to the family and the wellbeing of the father and his son.

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‘Get well soon (to the father), your son needs you to keep him safe always’
Screen Shot 2018 12 05 At 2 51 50 Pm
‘Hope they have a speedy recovery’
Screen Shot 2018 12 05 At 2 51 58 Pm


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