A Man Saved Two Dogs Who Were Tied And Stranded In A Desert And It’ll Break Your Heart


A heroic young man was seen freeing two innocent dogs who were found chained by ropes and chains in the middle of the desert.

No information has yet to be obtained about the people who did it and the exact reasoning.

Warning: this may break your heart

The heroes who spotted the two furbabies while out in the middle of the desert recorded what they saw and it’s heart-wrenching.

People are asking for the law to enforce the penalisation for animal cruelty

A few other events of animal cruelty have been taking place in the Kingdom which led to the peoples’ demand for an enforced law that wouldn’t let these kind of things slide, reports Albawaba.

At the moment, there is a law issued two years ago that requires for residents of the Kingdom to behave kindly towards animals. The Ministry of Agriculture even managed to get it approved by the Council of Minister and the law even requires that people get penalised for breaking it.

Fines for the torture of animals can range from SAR 1,000 to SAR 1 million and an imprisonment of up to five years, depending on the violation.

Although if you ask a lot of animal lovers, including myself, there needs to be more severity to these to ensure it does not take place again.

Twitter users are FURIOUS after having seen the footage

The sight of the helpless animals stranded in the middle of the desert has really resonated with a lot of residents, many of whom, are mad at the act of chaining them.

“How did he sleep that day?”

“They think animals are games? With no feelings?”

“How are they acting like that? No fear from God?!”


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