A Man Who Lost Both His Legs To A Tragic Car Accident Shared A Very Important Message On TV


A Saudi citizen, Majed Al Otaibi, was recently on the television show program called Tam where he shared a heart-wrenching story as warning to the pedestrians of the Kingdom, to take him as an example, and be mindful on the road.

In the clip shown below, Al Otaibi fully showing his body and the prosthetic legs he has on as he proceeds to share his message.

He says, “Look at me now, this one accident cost me a lot: my life, health, and money.”

Al Otaibi discussed his car accident and how it led to losing both his legs and having to use prosthetic ones that cost him SAR 1,000,000.

He also shared his regrets and what he’s unable to do now due to the accident, adding “Also, I have four children. I want to hug and carry them when I’m home but I actually can’t which makes me feel a bit sad.”

Road accidents leaves 35 people in Saudi crippled- every single day

If that number doesn’t scare anyone, we don’t know what will. Saudi Gazette published a report on Monday that says traffic accidents in the Kingdom cause 40,000 SERIOUS injuries every month.

And more specifically, that’s 35 people being left with a permanent disability like Al Otaibi’s every day.

All we can do now with this message and the proof of others’ suffering is to focus on the road, do not use your phone or eat while driving, do not resort to the trends of drifting and don’t drive recklessly.

That’s it. Save yourselves and save the life of others.


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