An ADORABLE Viral Video Shows How MBS Reacted To A Little Boy’s Fruitful Request


A cute video has made rounds all over social media after it showed an adorable interaction between His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and a child in Tabuk who went for it and requested something from MBS.

The video has even gotten more than 50,000 views since it has gone live on Tuesday!

The child asked MBS for a Mercedes to which MBS responded with a local Saudi gesture

Touching the tip of one’s nose is considered agreeing to whatever the other person asks for, in short a “will do.”

The child was greeting off the Crown Prince along with his father during His Highness’ house visit during a scheduled trip in Tabuk.

Can we please be that kid right now?

Saudis weighed in on MBS’ reaction and generosity

“Mashallah, he gave him a Mercedes without thinking twice. From a giver to a well-deserving person”
“His dad taught him well!”

This user seemed to share our earlier sentiments

“Can I please get a car as well?”

Major LOLs.


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