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10 Pictures Of The Beaches In Umluj That Will Make You Want To Cancel Everything And Head There ASAP

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If you are on a quest for to quench your wanderlust on a budget (while also getting the most Instagram-worthy pictures out of it), you really don’t have to plan a trip abroad

Saudi Arabia has some breathtaking places and its time they get the attention they deserve.

Here are some pictures of the beaches in Umluj that are just ‘gram goals

1. Maldives, who?

2. It’s, like, the sky is dipped in gold

3. How is this even real?

4. Need this in life urgently

5. Those shades of coral though

6. Kinda perfect

7. Yes, please

8. Brb, off to a road trip

9. Total ‘gram goals too

10. Need

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