Coca-Cola Has Released A Video Ad Showing A Saudi Father Teaching His Daughter To Drive


Image Source: ScreenGrab/YouTube

Usually, when brands take political messages or recent social development issues and turn them into an advertisement- the message gets lost or it becomes a little too tacky. 

However, Coca Cola seems to have done things right with this simple, short yet very sweet video about a Saudi Arabian father who is teaching his daughter to drive. 

Many agree that the video is definitely a great ode to the recent lift of the ban on women driving, here in Saudi.. 

Coca Cola’s adorable ‘Change of Taste’ campaign

Commenters on YouTube display divided opinions on the matter…

A lot of people in the region agree that the video shows no harm and is quite cute and sweet…

Screen Shot 2017 11 08 At 12 47 37 Pm

While others can’t seem to grasp the intent

Screen Shot 2017 11 08 At 12 49 01 Pm

What are your thoughts on the ad?



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